08 Jan / James Eastham

I’m a software developer at heart and am always looking for collaborators, ideas and business opportunities. If we you have an idea for something that you think could help you become more productive? An itch¬†you just want scratching? Or just want a general chin-wag about anything software related then get in touch on the email address below.

Software applications built for the good of the community are linked below.

Time Diary – Track your time

I spent quite a week recently experimenting with tracking every single second I am awake. It was equal parts horrifying and fascinating. All my logs were tracked using a pretty rudimentary Google Form and Sheet. As a result of completing this week, I saw huge leaps in focus and accountability for how I was spending my time.

That said, I decided to build a simple web-based application to help people chart their progress and log the time they spend. You can click the below link to view the app itself:

Beta Testing