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02 Feb / James Eastham

The Blurb

Are you feeling bored? Restless? Trapped?

We all get stuck in a rut sometimes. No matter how successful you are right now, I guarantee you there’s something keeping you stuck where you are.

Here are some common signs you might be stuck:

  • You’ve tried again and again to change but it’s just not working—you always seem to come back to the same old bad habits and patterns
  • You keep working hard to improve but you’re not getting the results you want and deserve
  • You’ve lost interest in the things that once fired you up
  • You often feel like getting the things you want most in life are just not worth pursuing
  • You’re feeling restless, tired, or bored with the way things are

Maybe you have an enviable lifestyle on paper. Maybe you already have the income, the title, the material possessions, and even the family you’ve always wanted.

But something is off.

What once fired you up just isn’t as interesting.

Your drive is diluted and your mojo eludes you.

You can’t figure out why.

All this is happening at the same time as the responsibilities continue to mount and the chaos of your life accelerates.

This means you’ll continue to live into a life of more of the same because:

You Have Not Consciously Designed Your Future

You’re letting life happen to you.

That’s why it’s feeling predictable and uninspiring.

No wonder you are restless, bored, and feeling trapped.

There Is A Better Way

This book will show you how to break through that self-imposed ceiling.

It will challenge you to take command of your life by:

  • Awakening you to your hidden beliefs and stories that hold you back
  • Disrupting your self-destructive patterns and behaviors
  • Designing a future you can’t wait to live into

So get ready to stop drifting and start living NOW.

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5 Key Quotes

Trapped’ is what you feel when you are living into a future of more of the same.”

“There’s a prevailing and misguided belief that the impetus for real change resides outside of ourselves.”

“Anyone who routinely catalyzes real change in their lives, without being dependent on an outside force or waiting for insurmountable pain, is going to be the winner of the future.”

“It’s exciting to start new shit. It’s not as exciting to finish shit.”

“Optimally designed goals have a hint of “shit, can I really do that?” firmly embedded in them.”

Want my quick 2 cents?

In Design Your Future, Dominik Quartuciio discusses how to stop drifting through life and reach your goals. He provides applicable tips to break free of your current life. How to first off realize what your optimum future is, then build your way into it.  It’s a good read, with some real actionable tips in the last chapter. However, I did find some of the earlier chapters a little slow going and just there to pad the book out.

Interested to read more…

Dominik Quartuccio was the prototypical hamster wheel employee. He worked a well paid corporate job and ‘had it all’. But something wasn’t right. He was restless even with the ‘perfect’ life he had built for himself. Then he had, as he would put it, an awakening. He left the career, realizing that the hamster wheel was not for him. That is at the crux of this book. Helping you break free of the restraints of your current situation to attain your truest goals.

Do you feel the career path you are currently on isn’t doing it for you? I know I do, hence the starting of this blog. I can also guess, that the vast majority of people reading this feel the same. From school to college, to university to real life, to retirement. It can all fly past in the blink of an eye and before we know it we are unfulfilled and the grim reaper is calling. If you feel like this, you’ll get a lot of value from this book.

I did feel like some of the earlier chapters don’t provide an awful lot of insight. That may well be because I am already on a journey of change, but I did not take an awful lot from the first 50%. I can understand why the content is there, but I did feel some of the content is just filling pages.

That said, once the book hits the back end the real useful actionable tips come in. I took a lot of value here! My biggest takeaway and something I am going to write about myself in the near future, is writing your own eulogy. That may sound a grim to some people, but nothing focuses your mind like imagining what people what say about you after your death. Do you want people to say he worked in a nameless corporation for 50 years? Or do you want to make a real dent in the universe? That’s where Design your future comes in.


The book contains an introduction and 6 chapters. These chapters cover realizing what you really want from life, right through to actionable tips to get you there. As I mentioned earlier, the first few chapters that are at a more high level I didn’t take much from. However, if you had absolutely no idea where you wanted to go with your life there is some great value here.

There are actionable tips and exercises throughout the book, each exercise centered around the point of the chapter. The chapter around designing, for example, gives you templates for keeping yourself accountable towards your goals.

The Author

Dominik is a good writer, everything he writes is easy to understand. Plus, he throws a reasonable amount of humor in there which is something I do enjoy in non-fiction books. He also has real-life experience going through the exact process he is talking about. He most definitely does practice what he preaches. This is invaluable in a book of this ilk. It made me think if he can do it then there is no reason why I can’t. He’s followed his own steps and look what he has achieved.

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