14 Nov / James Eastham

Hi there and thanks for checking out Uppd, a lifestyle business focused on making you 1% better in all aspects of your life! This business started life as a personal blog, tracking my journey towards financial independence. I soon realized that isn’t where my true passion for writing was. Over the past 18 months, I have been on an introspective journey to improve all aspects of my life. How? Applying the law of marginal gains to almost every aspect of my life.

If my food, diet, finances, meditation practice, exercise etc all become 1% better then over the long term I will reach my goals. I’m constantly looking for micro steps and small tweaks I can make to help work towards my goal.

That is what you’ll find in this blog, a chart of my journey not just to financial independence but to becoming the best version of me.

I’m a 20 odd-year-old software developer from the UK, with a love for all things tech, craft ales, and home cooked food. You can find me on twitter @uppduk or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uppduk.

Thanks for checking out the site.